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With Halloween nearing, finding allergy-friendly treats can be challenging. It's crucial to understand and cater to specific allergy needs for the safety of you and your loved ones.

At Flappd, we aim to be more than just festive suggestions. Through our Allergy Blog and upcoming web app, we're committed to guiding you through allergy-friendly products all year long.

🎃 Allergy-Friendly Halloween Party Treats 🎃

We crafted some quick and enchanting Halloween recipes over on our YouTube Channel that are not only delectable but also mindful of allergens. Check these out:

Allergy-Friendly Halloween Recipes

Pumpkin Oranges (Allergen Free)

Boo-Nanas (Top 8 Allergen Free)

Trio of Terror Eyeball Concoctions

Monster Popcorn (Top Allergen Free)

Spider Cookies (Free from gluten, nuts, peanuts, and dairy)

🍭 Gluten-Free Glee: For those dodging gluten, Halloween doesn't have to be a treat-less affair. Dive into our post on Gluten-Free Halloween Candy and Treats for treats that skip the gluten but keep the fun. We cover treats made in gluten-free facilities and certified gluten-free.

🍬 Peanut-Free Pleasures: Peanuts can be spooky for some! Fear not, our post on Peanut Free Halloween Candy and Treats is brimming with delights that are peanut-free and party-ready. We cover treats made in peanut-free facilities.

🍫 Nut-Free Nirvana: Nuts about a safe Halloween? We are too. Explore our Dedicated Guide to Nut-Free Candies, ensuring joy for all. We cover treats labelled as nut-free and made in nut-free facilities.

🛍️ Allergy-Smart Stash: The clock's ticking! If you're anything like us, decisions are often made last-minute, both online and in-store. We thought of curating a list of non-edible allergy-safe Halloween treats on Amazon Canada. With the magic of one-day shipping, you can add a few of these to complement your allergen-free treats stash.

Check out my list on Amazon

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Wishing you a safe, inclusive, and mesmerizing Halloween! 👻

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