Last updated Mar 8, 2024.

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Prana Biovégétaliens Inc. (Prana) has initiated a recall for specific lots of their "Spicy Peas & Favas" snack, sized 400 grams (UPC: 877693003942), due to the identification of undeclared peanuts, which could pose serious health risks for individuals with peanut allergies. The recall, announced on January 23, 2024, is limited to the 400-gram packages, with the 1 KG packages remaining unaffected. The specific lots included in this recall are:

  • Lot 3914419, Expiry: 2024 July 19
  • Lot 3927428, Expiry: 2024 July 28
  • Lot 3986325, Expiry: 2024 September 25
  • Lot 3986326, Expiry: 2024 September 26
  • Lot 4032622, Expiry: 2024 November 22
  • Lot 4061705, Expiry: 2024 December 5

This action was taken following guidance from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which advises against the use, sale, service, or distribution of the impacted products. The recall affects regions of British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.

Additional Resources

Consumers seeking further details on the recall can visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's website at CFIA Recall Alert.

Peanut Allergies in Kids

Peanut allergies are a significant concern in Canada, affecting a notable portion of the population. According to a study, approximately 2% of Canadian children are diagnosed with a peanut allergy, highlighting the importance of stringent food labelling and allergen control measures to protect susceptible individuals (Sicherer, S. H., & Sampson, H. A., 2014). For further reading on food allergies and safety guidelines, Health Canada provides comprehensive resources and guidelines on managing and labelling food allergens.

Alternative Peanut Free Snacks

Individuals with peanut allergies can find alternative snacks marketed as peanut-free and produced in dedicated facilities such as Sweets from the Earth, Allergy Smart, Wise Bites, and Made Good. Additional details on these brands and snacks can be found in our post: The Ultimate Guide to Peanut and Tree Nut-Free Snacks for Kids

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